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In order to offer the best GMAT course in Montreal, Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business has teamed up with Quantum Test Prep to provide those preparing for the GMAT a full and continuous suite of services, under the umbrella of the Concordia GMAT Study Series.

The Concordia GMAT Study Series is the most comprehensive GMAT prep course in Montreal. It is comprised of two primary elements: the 50-hour Quantum GMAT Bootcamp, which sees students receive comprehensive, detailed and structured GMAT preparation designed to help them best ace the test they call the ‘gatekeeper of the MBA’. It’s not just this intensive course in isolation though. For those preparing to study the GMAT in Montreal, the services offered by Quantum also consist of a series of complimentary GMAT classes. Not only do these courses offer a way to get a taste of what is offered on the Quantum GMAT Bootcamp, but they’re also a good way to kickstart your GMAT studies; a springboard to gaining admittance to your dream MBA school. These Montreal GMAT events are offered once or twice a semester, throughout the year.

The complimentary Montreal GMAT events consist of:
  • GMAT Information Session

    This introductory GMAT class will review the overall structure and format of the current GMAT exam as well uncover the secrets to building a successful GMAT Study Plan.
  • Pre-GMAT Math Refresher

    This event is designed to sure up attendees’ grasp of the high school mathematical concepts that are central to the GMAT.
  • Pre-GMAT Verbal Refresher

    This specialized Verbal workshop will help you brush up on your high school Verbal skills before you formally start preparing for the GMAT.
  • Official GMAT Mock Exam

    The mock exam is conduced in an environment designed to closely mimic that which MBA aspirants will encounter when writing their official GMAT.

J'ai trouvé la classe de préparation très efficace. Je recommande fortement à tous qui essaie de se préparer au GMAT. La façon dont ils présentent le matériel est tellement claire et s'est montré si simple. Prenez ce cours pour augmenter votre score et votre confiance.
Keith Wosnitza
Excellente formation sur le GMAT! L'ensemble de l'examen est parcouru et les methodes employées aident vraiment à améliorer son score. Le professeur est pedagogue et le format de la formation (bootcamp intensif) permettent de nous immerger dans le contenu de l'examen.
Tom enkibilal

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